Around her book “The Burn-Out, An Opportunity for Inner Transformation”, the author invites us not just to get rid of the burn-out but to use it to allow us to better consider our working style, our lifestyle

Burn-out in containment, is that possible?

For its Season 5, MASTERMINDS – the program dedicated to professionals on MM Radio – presents its first special report that immerses you in what the world of work has also undergone following the arrival of Covid-19 and what followed – containment and curfew. Among the speakers at this introspection, entitled “Our Behaviours”, which aims to push for transformation in adaptation, the certified and supervised coach Bénédicte Costedoat-Lamarque, who talks to Angela Peauty about a disease that has unfortunately and discreetly embedded itself in this year of global crisis, as households spent their time teleworking – in order to keep their jobs, for many of their businesses.

In search of coherence

The action research on learning organisations, launched by SOL (Society for Organizational Learning), models the implementation of Peter Senge’s 5 disciplines.

In this video, I share with you some key and personal elements of this rich experience.

My future is already in my present, the movement of transformation

How do you approach any life event (burn out, coronavirus, etc.) as an opportunity for transformation? It depends on what you do with what happens to you— Drawing on the U-Theory as well as the approach of C.G. Jung and the advances of quantum physicists* (information field,…), let us evolve our view of our situation and make more full use of the incredible capabilities we have at our disposal. *including Nobel Laureate W. Pauli, D. Bohm, P. Guillemant

My future is already in my present, the movement of transformation

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