``Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success``.

Henry Ford

Your needs:

  • Launch, develop, support or reconfigure a project with the support of stakeholders,
  • Review how your team or project works,
  • Develop managerial postures and practices to unleash the potential of teams,
  • Allow your team’s or project’s practices to evolve towards more collaborative ways of working,
  • Improve the performance of a team or project by mobilising the power of collective intelligence

Our offer:



During this 2-hour workshop around your needs, we will highlight the associated issues and first courses of action using a systemic approach.

The “Emergence workshop” is followed by the “Systemic Team / Project Coaching Path”, or “Team / project performance workshop”.

Systemic Team

Project coaching path

Based on your request, the analysis of your needs and the challenges of the organisation, we develop a systemic support path.

The modalities of the team or project coaching intervention will be adapted according to the needs. Workshops may alternate with more theoretical and experiential sessions. Meetings supervised by the coach will allow the team or project to review their practices, utilising the feedback received.

At the end of the process, a systemic synthesis makes it possible to capitalise on the experience and define the resulting perspectives.

  • Bonus: a Process Communication inventory for each team member can be useful at the beginning of the coaching, in order to clarify in a pragmatic way the operating patterns, relational modes and behaviours under stress (highlighting at the same time those of your interlocutors).

In this case, a “Team/project performance workshop” can be included in the coaching, in order to establish the team’s profile and work on the strengths it could develop.

Team / project

performance workshop

Our modes of functioning are particularly influenced by our psychological needs. If they are fed, communication with our environment is fluid. If they are not, our stressful behaviours appear and block communication channels. It is useful for team members firstly to know more about how they work in order to be aware of what promotes effective relationships, and it is also useful for the team to identify its strengths and the qualities it needs to develop to be more effective.

The Process Communication inventories of each person and the team’s Process Communication profile will have been carried out before the workshop by your coach. They will serve as working material.

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