Shedding light on what is at work in a system, sowing seeds, uncovering blindspots, BE CHANGE LIVE offers you inspiring and in-depth accompaniment to help you bring out your potential, that of your teams or your organisation.

The only thing that doesn’t change is Change. Our belief is that the power of the collective positively impacts the performance of the organisation if the collective is involved in co-creating the changes that are taking place. We develop innovative collaborative practices to mobilise collective intelligence, which enables creative and pragmatic solutions to emerge.

In France and worldwide, we accompany you in your collective and individual transformations, in your projects, to access your emerging future. We develop the potential of everyone to develop, and as a result, your organisation.


Coaching of Organisations, Facilitation , Burn Out prevention…


Supervision of Professional Practices…


Conferences designed and targeted according to your specific needs ……

Our assets


leads to specific and adapted proposals and accompaniment.

Grasping of what is emerging in a system

(team, organisation, person), to reach deep understanding and increase consciousness of underlying processes.

Benevolence without complacency

to accompany you in the most effective and authentic way.

Enthusiasm & pragmatism

to energise the process and make things happen.

All sessions are in French or English.

They trusted us

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