« The more conscious you are, the freer you are »

The manager’s challenge is both to carry the vision of his entity, and to support his teams so that they can be project leaders and efficient contributors. Often, the manager is alone in his responsibilities. Systemic Coaching offers an opportunity to take a step back and exchange views on practices (management and communication mode, leadership, performance, adaptability…) and to approach a situation or your challenges from a different angle.

You are (not exhaustive):

  • Taking up a position,
  • Changing company,
  • Redefining your managerial posture,
  • Finding your place in the company,
  • Wanting to see more clearly, to take a different path….

Our offer:

Executive systemic

coaching path

  1. 2 tripartite meetings of one hour each are organised (one at the beginning and one at the end of the coaching period) in order to define the expected objectives and success indicators. They bring together your N+1, yourself and your coach (and possibly your HR).
  2. The support consists of 7 to 10 sessions of 1h30 each, one session every 2 to 4 weeks.

It will start with a Process Communication inventory to clarify (pragmatically) your operating patterns, relational modes and behaviours under stress (highlighting at the same time those of your interlocutors).

The coaching offers you:

  • A time to step back, thanks to a systemic and empowering approach, which allows you to change your perspective and (re)orient your actions,
  • Aspace for exchange, in a spirit of benevolencewithout complacency, so that you can move forward in addressing your targets.
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