``A journey of a thousand kilometers always begins with a first step.``

Lao Tseu

Liberated or rather liberating management… The challenge is to understand what it is all about before committing, and then to consciously choose to take the first step of your own transformation so as to, in turn, transform the organisation.

Your needs:

  • Support the evolution of managerial postures and practices to unleash the potential of teams.
  • Develop your corporate culture.
  • Promote or implement managerial innovation and team empowerment initiatives.
  • Increase the performance of the organisation or a team or project.

Our offer:



During this one-day workshop, which includes both theoretical input and collaborative practices, you will determine how the launch of a managerial innovation approach meets your needs and desires, in order to make an informed decision to whether or not to continue the approach within your organisation.

The “Exploration workshop” can be followed by the “Managerial Innovation Path”.

Managerial innovation


Over the course of 5 days spaced one month apart, you will get to the heart of liberating and collaborative management practices. The transformation of the organisation is initiated from your own transformation, vision and shared values. You will be guided through your journey to define the most appropriate practices for your organisation.

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