Your needs:

⦁ Sensitise managers and employees to situations of sustained stress that they can experience or induce,
⦁ Provide keys to understanding the mechanisms at work culturally and structurally throughout the system which can increase the risk of burn out,
⦁ Give you the means to reduce, as far as possible, the risk of burn out for yourself or your teams.

Our offer:



Lasting a half day or one day, this workshop will provide an initial systemic evaluation of your organisation to highlight external mechanisms (company, behaviours,…) and internal mechanisms (culture, beliefs,…) that can induce a burn out. We will explore the levers of action that result from this.

We will rely in particular on Ken Wilber‘s comprehensive approach.

This workshop can be followed by the “Individual Coaching Path” or the “Collective Intervision Path”.


systemic coaching path

As a manager or executive, you notice that your employees sometimes have difficulties and you want to be supported to reduce the risk of burn out within your team.

  1. 2 tripartite meetings of one hour each are organised (one at the beginning and one at the end of the coaching period) in order to define the expected objectives and success indicators. They bring together your N+1, yourself and your coach (and possibly your HR).
  2. The support consists of 7 to 10 sessions of 1h30 each, one session every 2 to 4 weeks.

It consists of a systemic reading of the organisation and yourself, shedding light on external mechanisms (company, behaviour,…) and internal mechanisms (culture, beliefs,…). This will be complemented by work on your leadership posture. This package will highlight what can lead to a burn out in your teams and will make it possible to establish an appropriate action plan.

The support will be initiated by a Process Communication inventory. In addition, we will rely in particular on Ken Wilber’s integral approach, systemics tools, transactional analysis and managerial innovation practices.


intervision path

As a manager, this group of peers allows you to share with your counterparts, in complete confidentiality and benevolence, the questions or difficulties you encounter within your team to prevent the risk of burn out and to establish the actions you will implement.

  • The coaching consists of 5 to 10 half-day sessions, for a group of 6 to 8 people (one-day sessions for more than 8 people), at the rate of one session per month.
  • Different individual and collective practices will be used, such as co-development, systemic and transactional analysis tools and managerial innovation practices.
  • It is useful to initiate the sessions with a Process Communication inventory for each of the participants to clarify in a pragmatic way their operating patterns, relational modes and behaviours under stress (highlighting at the same time those of your interlocutors).
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