``What we do not want to see of ourselves comes back to us as destiny.``

Carl Gustav Jung

Your employee is on leave for burn out and you want to be able to accompany them. We suggest that you do so, in complete confidentiality, because, in a burn out situation, they need to cut off contact with the company for a while.

The principle of the proposed accompaniment: what is important is not what happens to us but what we do with what happens to us… Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, it is a matter of using this time when the inner matter is bare to work on it and bring out its inner power.

For the employee in a burnout situation:

Your needs:

  • Understand the inner and outer causes that led you to this life experience,
  • To give you the means to act to transform this experience into an opportunity for inner development and reconnection with yourself,
  • Prepare for the return to work,
  • Get into the right frame of mind to determine where and how you will resume work,
  • Empower you to take action to reduce the risk of relapse.

Our offer (to manager):

  • The “Opportunity for Transformation Path” if your employee is on a work stoppage,
  • The “Bounce Path” if your employee has just returned to work or, ideally, if he or she is preparing to return.

Opportunity for

transformation path

You’re on leave for burn out.

During a session every 2 to 4 weeks, in a systemic approach, we will shed light from different angles on the inner causes(operating modes, mental patterns, drivers, shadows…) and outer causes(environmental) that led you to burn out, as well as how you can transform this experience. By reconnecting with yourself, you can, when the time comes, get moving to get back to work safely, avoiding a relapse.


The 3 main stages of this support are:

  • Exploring what is happening to you: your current state in its external aspects (your professional and family environment) and internal aspects (your feelings, perceptions, physical health).
  • The exploration of the mental schemas and modes of functioning that led you to burn out, thanks to various approaches (your shadow parts, your life scenario…)
  • The exploration of what emerges for you, by reconnecting to who you are at a deep level. We will consider the options you are looking for and that are available to you, in order to prepare for the return to work.



You are preparing to return to work.

During a session every 2 to 4 weeks, we will shed light from different angles on the inner and outer causes that led you to burn out, as well as how you are transforming this experience to reconnect with yourself.

Before the return to work: we will explore the most appropriate work-related options, in order to be able to put in place the appropriate actions. This reflection and these actions will allow you to be as well prepared as possible to return to work safely.

After the return to work: you can share and put into perspective your experiences, because it will be an opportunity for your patterns to come to the surface. You will anchor the transformation you have made to continue to move forward in a solid way, avoiding a relapse.

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