For the sake of efficiency, our brain

and our functioning mechanisms lead us to behave in a fairly similar way depending on the situation. It is useful to be able to step back and look at the choices we make and what we are implementing. This systemic approach makes it possible to bring out other issues, which are very present but less visible, and which lead to the consideration of new modes of action or new ideas.

Who is this for?

In-company: a team, a project, a group of peers…
Inter-company: members of a Club, a peer group…

Some examples of context:
Organisational change, team development, positioning in a project / team / organisation, implementation of efficiency measures…

Your needs:

  • Review your professional practices or actions,
  • Clarify the stakes of an ongoing project or action,
  • Find new solutions in what you implement.

Our offer:

Analysis of Professional Practices


For a specific need, for a team, a project or a group of peers, the practice analysis workshop will allow you to review your practices by changing your perspective, thanks to a systemic approach. As a result, you will be able to consider innovative and creative solutions to meet your challenges.

Analysis of Professional Practices

Group path

The course corresponds to a series of 8 practice analysis workshops, at the rate of one half-day or one day per month depending on the number of participants.

Compared to a one-off workshop, the Path makes it possible to have a more lasting impact on the way one looks at one’s activity, by anchoring systemic reflexes and experimenting with collaborative approaches (co-development, systemic constellations,…) in order to be able to identify concrete courses of action.


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